Fotos Magazine - Issue 02

Mental Health Awareness 

Body dysmorphic disorder, BDD, has been a consistently worsening issue that I have come to realize is not talked about enough. As a dance major at Point Park University, there are many issues that stem from the art form itself and by the nature of what we do. Our training and careers are spent staring at ourselves for hours on end, dissecting all our imperfections, and often getting fixated on unhealthy standards. BDD not only affects dancers, but additionally, the expansion of social media has led to BDD affecting impressionable youth. As an issue revolving around the body, it is unique to each person who suffers from the disorder. Instead of replicating my personal image of what my body dysmorphia looks/feels like to me, I wanted to depict the frustration caused by it and the negative relationship with a mirror.

Fotos Magazine

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